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If you’re still single and your flirting skills are not working anymore, just download tinder and install the app in your smartphone.

How to download Tinder

Download Tinder
Tinder is a famous application that in recent years has become world famous for its particular purpose, has been declared the world’s hottest app by Forbes magazine, has been nominated for awards as the App of the Year, because it already has more than 10 million downloads only in the Google Play store, plus innumerable criticisms that has made this application the hottest one in social networks.

Tinder is a geosocial application that allows users to communicate with other people based on their preferences to chat and make appointments or meetings. Tinder was launched in August of 2014 by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen and Ramón Denia.
The application was initially tested on college campuses, and this first occurred at the University of Southern California. It is considered one of the most important dating applications in the digital market, and in 2014 was named App of the Year in the Enter.Co Awards, with more than 50 million users.

Tinder has a user interface that shows successively different profiles of other users. The user slides his finger over the screen of a smartphone on the right to indicate interest by that person and to the left if he/she is not interested, all anonymously. If two users are interested in each other, both are informed and allowed to initiate the conversation through the internal chat of the application.

It is available in 24 languages, the application is available for Android and iOS devices; And can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store.

In Argentina, programmers Cacciagrano and Bondiola Muñoz changed certain words to give a more autochthonous touch.

In 2015, the application was a majority part of the video of Hillary Duff, Sparks, which received a lot of criticism in social networks since some thought that the video was a commercial of Tinder.

The hottest app in the world according to Forbes.

Download Tinder

10 billion matches later, Tinder changed the way people get to know in the world. It is much more than a dating app. Tinder is a powerful tool for relating to people, expanding your social circles, meeting people when you travel, that otherwise, you would never have known.

Creating new contacts in Tinder is easy and fun once you’ve downloaded the application, just slide your finger on the screen to the right if you like a person or left when not. And the feeling is reciprocal, then a match is given. Chat with the people you match with, get away from your phone, get out and experience something new in the real world.

Its function is very simple and easy to use. It will find your location via GPS, then use Facebook information to create your profile. A profile on Tinder is composed only of your name, age, photos (of your choice) and any of the pages you have given I like on Facebook.

Tinder then will find possible matches near you (you can narrow the search by searching for age and distance) And if they like it, go to the right, if not, go to the left.

When downloading Tinder for free you will not have any problem, it works just like any other application for dates, its download and installation process is the same.

The advantage of download tinder is that when it comes to an appointment with another person close to you, and with very similar tastes, you will be as simple as a game.Using this app, find a partner will be like a game, where the one with the highest points wins.

Tinder within the app, has several contents like:

Tinder social

Social Tinder; It’s about going out with your friends and meeting people. Invite your friends to go out, then slide and match with other groups of friends who want to go out. Start the party with the group chat and make plans.

When you see a person or a group you really want to connect to, tap the blue star icon or slide up to send them a Super Like.

Activate Tinder Plus for premium benefits such as: Passport to connect with people anywhere in the world, Rewind to give a second chance to someone, a free Boost a week to be the main profile in your area for 30 minutes and Super Likes Additional to stand out from the crowd.

This application has been made all kinds of fame, in pages, blogs, and forums. Only a lot of people who get confused about what the application is like. Many people talk and criticize as an innumerable number of people have used it.

Many pages have called it an application to search for a husband and many other things, but something you should be clear before using it is what are you really looking for, because it is obviously a dating page, but if you did not do well in one, you must give it another chance and know what are you looking from a person before making the appointments.

It is known that like everything you will have bad experiences but you can keep trying. This does not assure you that you will really get a partner, it also gives you the chance to make good friends just by downloading an application.

As always you have to be careful when making a match with certain people, if you notice something strange in them when making the appointment, simply leave it there, because everything has a certain danger and some weird people use it for other purposes. Be careful, without paranoia because the idea is have fun.

You will get people of all kinds, there will be some that will reconcile with you, and others not so much.

Life is just one and you have to enjoy meeting different people, seeing the world through other lives, allowing yourself to dream and, hopefully, in one of those you know the Tinder of your life.

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Download Tinder
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